Customer Enchantment: An Interview with Bob Caruso

Bob Caruso is a Managing Director at Endeavor Management bringing over 20 years’ experience in reinventing, redefining and energizing customer experiences. He’s been a part of the irreversible power shift in the relationship between customers and service or product providers and to the complex personalized experiences of today. As an alumnus of powerful global consultancies, … Read more

The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies

In the latest Temkin Insight Report, The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies, it highlights what it takes for an organization to become truly customer-centric. The report focuses on these four competencies: Purposeful Leadership: Companies need to make sure that all of their HR practices reinforce the company’s purpose. Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, explained … Read more

Good Service Design Breeds Satisfied, Loyal Customers

From Mark Eberman post, A Consistent Experience Is a Better Experience: Service Design on Micro Ecommerce : “Service design, viewed narrowly, is crafting each service your company provides so that the customer’s experience is a good one. All services should be designed experiences—nothing is unconsidered, and the needs and desires of all audiences are front … Read more