25 Best Practices to Employee Engagement

The Temkin Group recently published The Five I’s of Employee Engagement. As recent research has shown us the direct correlation between employee engagement, customer loyalty and profitability, this report spells out the 25 best practices based on interviews with companies that lead in this area. Here are the results: Inform 1. Follow a thorough communication … Read more

The TEDxSanDiego Experience

TED is a nonprofit devoted to “ideas worth spreading” – amazing talks by remarkable people, free to the world. It started as a conference bringing together people from Technology, Entertainment, and Design and has grown to include the TED Talks video site, annual TED Prize, TED Fellows, TEDx programs, and more. TEDx programs are designed … Read more

To Maintain Quality, We Must Do Some Pruning

Jason Fried, of 37 Signals, wrote this in his recent blog, Pruning: Making room for something new: “It’s so easy to create (because creating is fun), but it’s also easy to ignore (because ignoring doesn’t involve work). Over time, if you create too much and don’t clean it up, you can lose control over quality. Quality, … Read more

Your Product’s Personality Can Create Meaning, Trust and Loyal Customers – or Not

In their recent post, Emotion Communicates Personality, Forms Relationships and Creates Meaning, Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams share with us that: “Regardless of whether you intentionally give your product a personality, people will perceive a personality.” Not surprising, van Gorp and Adams’ research find that we tend to purchase products that seem to have … Read more

Lessons From Apple: Schedule-driven release produces half-baked products and kills innovation

In the October 29 post by Om Malik, From inside Apple, the Scott Forstall fallout at Gigaom.com,Om shares: “Unlike in the Jobs era, when the company would ship features when they were ready for primetime, a culture of schedule-driven releases has become commonplace. The time-based schedule is one of the reasons why Siri and Maps … Read more

Big Data, Analytics, SaaS and the Experience

We are seeing the blooming of the Experience Economy in the Information Age. There is so much information we have create Big Data. The trend to larger data sets is due to the additional information derivable from analysis of a single large set of related data. Data sets grow in size in part because they … Read more

Finding Success with Your Customer Experience: An Interview with Lacey Grey, one of the first Chief Customer Officers in the US

Lacey Grey is a Customer Management executive and one of the first Chief Customer Officers in the US.   Grey is currently the principal at Customer Value Growth, an umbrella company formed by Grey for her consulting efforts with global companies in some stage of the customer centric journey.  Prior to Customer Value Growth, Grey … Read more

Commit to the Customer – not the Technology

One of our greatest challenges in designing the best experiences for our customers is not letting the technology limitation determine the customer experience. When organizations commit to the technology instead of committing to the customers – everyone loses. In this age of the experience economy, this can mean the end for organizations that do not … Read more

Customer Experience Balanced Scorecard

An organization’s Balance Scorecard should include customer experience metrics along with productivity, quality, and agility to continuously improve cross-functional business processes that map to your overall financial performance goals. Customer Experience metrics may include: service quality index, quantity of complaints, service level compliance, Net Promoter Score, and more. The data from Voice of the Customer … Read more

Customer Experience is the Only Thing that Matters

In Augusts issue of Fast Company magazine, Harley Manning wrote and article entitled “Why Customer Experience Is The Only Thing That Matters.” In this article, Manning explains how we have evolved from a manufacturing economy to distribution to the information age to age of the customer. Manning explains that “from 1900 to 1960 we were … Read more

Outside In

Determining, developing and delivering your customer experience is an Outside-in process. Too many companies make the mistake of thinking that they know what is best for their customers. Oftentimes they may think that by asking their customers for input  they will no longer be perceived as being the expert. As the experience leaders know, these … Read more

The Six Stages of CX Maturity

In the Temkin Group Insight Report: The Future of Customer Experience, Bruce Temkin shares the six stages of CX maturity: Ignore: Company does not see customer experience as a key differentiator. Explore: An ad-hoc group is established to understand how the company can improve customer experience. Mobilize: A full-time executive leads the effort to improve … Read more