Service Design Customer Experience

Service design is the process of organizing people, infrastructure, communication and the other various components of a service. Good service designs improve the quality of the interaction between services and their customers. This method is focused on designing experiences according to the needs of customers so that the service is effective, efficient, competitive, relevant, and delightful. This process includes understanding the behavior of customers, their needs and motivations. Service designers gather customer insights through interviews and by shadowing customers to determine the optimal customer experience.

The Service Design Network

The Service Design Network (SDN) was established in 2004 by Köln International School of Design, CarnegieMellonUniversity, Linköpings Universitet, Politecnico de Milano / DomusAcademyand the agency Spirit of Creation. The purpose of the SDN is to develop and strengthen the knowledge and expertise in the science and practice of innovation and improvement of services. The SDN aims to develop and establish the Service Design discipline and professional identity. To learn more visit the Service Design Network.

 Service Design Conference

The 4th annual Service Design Conference is in San Franciscothis year, October 20 and 21. To learn more, the Service Design Conference.