Power, Love and Leadership

“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” ― Martin Luther King Jr “There exists a form of power and intelligence that represents the … Read more



Tenacity is the quality of being determined and persistent. I have found tenacity to be a key factor in long-term success. My father grew up during the Great Depression. His father had died when he was young, and he was raised by his single mother, grandmother and sister. Jobs were hard to find but, like … Read more

Friendship and Your Success

Friendships are important in work and life. One of the top indicators if someone is engaged at work is if they believe that they have a best friend at work. Gallop research has repeatedly shown a concrete link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort employees expend in their job. … Read more

Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” – Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft “Early success is a terrible teacher. You’re essentially being rewarded for a lack of preparation, so when you find yourself in a situation where you must prepare, you can’t do it. You don’t know how.” … Read more


It is okay to disagree with me.You wouldn’t be the first.I sometimes disagree with myself. A disagreement is an opportunity to explore.And I love to explore. If you are right and I am wrong,Then I learn something that was true that I didn’t know.And I value truth above most all things. Thank you.

OKR – Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a framework that helps organizations prioritize, align, focus and measure the outcome of the work they do and communicate strategy to employees in an actionable, measurable way. It helps organizations to move from an output to an outcome-based approach to work. An OKR consists of an Objective, Key Results, … Read more

Good Mentor Questions

Good mentors are important. The best workplaces have formal programs to develop mentoring relationships. LinkedIn has even launched a feature to help you find one. And how to be a good mentor is a topic of perennial interest. “For mentors, the most important thing, really, is to ask questions, to be this guide on the side, rather than the … Read more

Trust and Loyalty

I have been fortunate to have some great leaders along my path. They seemed to have genuinely cared about me and instilled in me a strong trust and loyalty to them. These leaders had empathy, they were good listeners and knew how to inspire a team with a clear vision. “Success is a team sport. … Read more

The Design Mission Statement

A mission statement is a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose. Properly crafted mission statements: serve as filters to separate what is important from what is not clearly state which markets will be served and how communicate a sense of intended direction to the entire organization A mission is different from a vision – … Read more