Agile Develop Success, Sprints, Planning and User Experience

In Agile Development, a “sprint” is one iteration of a continuous development cycle. Within a sprint, planned amount of work has to be completed by the team and made ready for review. During the sprint: No changes are made that would endanger the sprint goal Quality goals do not decrease Sprints are limited to a … Read more

Easy to Use: Icons

Ever visit a website or store or see a sign in a public space that you had no idea what the icon meant? There are a lot of reasons for that. One, of course is the ethnocentric aspect – we know what we know based on our prior experiences. So, if the image of the … Read more

Emotion and the Customer Experience go Hand-in-Hand

“No purchase is void of emotion. Brands have spent millions attempting to connect positive feelings to a product… Increasingly, brands are striving to bring emotion beyond slogans and packaging and incorporate it into the entire customer experience.” according to Jason Wesbecher, CMO of Mattersight in a recent Huffington Post blog. As best-selling author and psychologist … Read more

New Online Course uses The Customer Experience Revolution

Jeofrey Bean and I had fun last weekend. We visited the studios at California State University, Fullerton to record a presentation for the new online version of the User Experience and Customer-Centered Design course that, like several universities, uses our book, The Customer Experience Revolution. Dr. Joely Gardner has been using our book as a … Read more

Christmas Came Early!

“Christmas came early” was the subject of a recent email I received from friend/colleague, Rob Scruggs. Rob had just gotten his special bulk order of The Customer Experience Revolution directly from the publisher. Rob distributed the books at his company and started a little CX revolution of his own. I first met Rob in March … Read more

So what is the Difference between Customer Experience and User Experience?

This is one of the most frequent questions that Jeof and I get. If you have read our book or heard us speak than you know the short answer. For the record, I want to share the longer (and more academic) answer. Don Norman is most credited for coining the term User Experience while at … Read more

SDL Innovate 2014 Keynote Session – The Customer Experience Revolution

Jeofrey and I shared our aggregate views of what makes the best customer experience companies better, different, more profitable and sustainable at the SDL Innovate 2014 in San Francisco. We shared that these “Experience Makers” dominate their industries and change customers’ lives. We shared insights about leadership, best practices and decision making, based on the interviews … Read more

The Customer Experience Revolution – The Trailer

It has been an exciting year for Jeof and I and The Customer Experience Revolution this month. We had a great time as Closing Keynotes at SDL Innovate 2014 in San Francisco, the book went into a third printing, and Brigantine Media just released this trailer.

Why there is so much Bad Design?

I am a firm believer in the Human-Centered Design Process. So, why are there so many bad designs? Here’s why: There was never a Designer involved The Designer was brought in on the project too late There wasn’t a person(s) to implement the design The implementer(s) of the design do not have the right skills … Read more

It Doesn’t Pay to Delight a Customer

I recently heard Rick DeLisi, co-author of The Effortless Experience, give a Keynote: All of Your Customers are loyal Right Now. What about Tomorrow? Rick shared that after years of focus on the “above and beyond” service mentality, research of tens of thousands of customers globally across multiple industries and customer types indicates there is … Read more

Customer-Centric Culture = Employee-Engaged Organization

I recently heard Joseph Jaffe, author of Z.E.R.O.: Zero Paid Media as the New Marketing Model, speak at a conference and discuss the combined forces of accelerated technology disruption, consumer changes, and innovation evolution affect on the marketing world today. Jaffe warned that if the advertising industry does not adapt, it will result in financial … Read more