Marty Cagan and Continuous Discovery and Delivery

I had the honor of hearing Marty Cagan give his talk on The Root Causes of Product Failure at productcamp la yesterday. Many things that he shared resonated with me. Here are few that I will share with you about the big difference between how most product teams work and the best product teams work: … Read more

The Third Wave of the Internet is all about the Experience

In the mid 1990’s there was a common believe of “build it and they will come” when it came to internet businesses. There were investments into anything that had a ‘dot com’ at the end of it because no one wanted to miss out on becoming a millionaire. After billions of dollars were invested with … Read more

How Do You Design Great Solutions for People?

We can only design great solutions for people when we have a deep and detailed knowledge of their needs. Each new generation of solutions improves based on market and customer feedback. But how do you do this? What is the process? There is a hierarchical structure of activities, tasks, actions, and operation to better understand customers’ interactions … Read more

Do You Have the Right User Experience Strategy and are You Spending Your UX Dollars Wisely?

Forrester Research, research has shown that 70% of projects fail due to lack of user experience and every dollar invested in UX brings 100 dollars in return. So how do you ensure that your organization doesn’t fail at user experience and are spending your dollars wisely? Are you familiar with Balanced Scorecard? Balanced Scorecard is … Read more

Emotion and the Customer Experience go Hand-in-Hand

“No purchase is void of emotion. Brands have spent millions attempting to connect positive feelings to a product… Increasingly, brands are striving to bring emotion beyond slogans and packaging and incorporate it into the entire customer experience.” according to Jason Wesbecher, CMO of Mattersight in a recent Huffington Post blog. As best-selling author and psychologist … Read more

Recent Study shows that when UX Works Closely with Product Teams, Organizations have Superior Results

There is more research that shows organizations that involve user experience professionals early and often in the product lifecycle have superior results. According to The Study of Product Performance Teams 2015: “The importance of user experience to an organization’s products grows each year… Our 2015 data reveals that when user experience professionals are actively involved … Read more

SoCal UX Camp 2015 UX Design and Agile Development Presentation Video

SoCal UX Camp, it is a free, user-driven, collaborative “unconference” for User Experience Designers, Research Analysts, and students held in Southern California. It is a one-day gathering of User Experience folks to share, present, network, learn and discuss. And is a ton of fun for UX geeks and enthusiasts. One of the topics that I … Read more

The Comic Con Experience

There were a lot of people this year! Since its beginnings in 1970, Comic-Con International: San Diego has grown into the world-wide phenomena of over 130,000 comics, movie, and science fiction fans, geeks, and nerds descending on the San Diego Convention Center for a multi-day event featuring dealers, programs, panels, film screenings, and more. In … Read more

The Secret to Success to Creating an Excellent Customer Experience

Whitney Quesenbery, author of Storytelling for User Experience and Global UX, says about The Customer Experience Revolution:  “Van Tyne and Bean explore case studies of some of today’s most successful companies. As they look at their business, marketing and product design, it becomes clear that the secret to success is to put the entire organization … Read more

The Next Generation of Customer Experience Leaders

“This is the best business book in years! Bean and Van Tyne do a brilliant job of analyzing what winners do to create a world-class customer experience. They spell out the winning steps so you can implement them in your business. If you want to increase sales and customer satisfaction and, at the same time, … Read more