Emotion and the Customer Experience go Hand-in-Hand

“No purchase is void of emotion. Brands have spent millions attempting to connect positive feelings to a product… Increasingly, brands are striving to bring emotion beyond slogans and packaging and incorporate it into the entire customer experience.” according to Jason Wesbecher, CMO of Mattersight in a recent Huffington Post blog.

As best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Daniel Golemanonce observed:

“In a psychological sense, the “company” as experienced by the customer is these interactions. Loyalty is lost or strengthened in every interaction between a company and its customers.”

Jason reminds us that “Emotion and the customer experience go hand-in-hand. Empathic brands will be able to emotionally engage their existing and prospective customers and, in turn, enhance satisfaction, retention and recruitment.” This, in turn, creates long-term sustainable revenue growth.

To learn more about making meaningful emotional connections with your customers, please join us at Co-Merge Tuesday, November 10 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm where we will discuss:

  • How emotions determine what we purchase
  • The stages of the customer’s emotional journey
  • How you can develop deep emotional connections with your customers to create loyal advocates




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