The GE–McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix

Large organizations with multiple business units need a way to determine where to invest across all the units. The GE–McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix is a method for deciding how to share capital across multiple units by assessing each unit’s market position and profitability. This model looks at two factors: Market attractiveness and Business strength: Market Attractiveness is … Read more

The Essential Guide To SWOT Analysis: An Interview with Jackson Hille

Jackson Hille is a Content Associate for FormSwift, a SaaS startup that focuses on providing customizable personal and legal templates to small businesses and nonprofits. He is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, having been awarded the 2013-14 Departmental Citation in American Studies. He came up with the idea for The Essential … Read more

The BCG Growth Share Matrix with Design Thinking for Today’s Economy

The BCG growth–share matrix is a chart that was created by Bruce D. Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group in 1970 to help businesses decide which markets and business units to invest in. The matrix looks at two basic factors: Relative Market Share that represent cash generation Relative Growth Rate that represents cash usage The … Read more

Value, Satisfaction, and Where to Spend Your Money

Satisfaction/Value – this charts what customers’ ranked as most valued and most dissatisfied. Items that are most valued and most dissatisfied are where we should concentrate our time fixing. On the contrary, items that our customers don’t value but are satisfied with we should stop spending time on. Items that our customers don’t value and … Read more