Value, Satisfaction, and Where to Spend Your Money

Value Satisfaction chart

Satisfaction/Value – this charts what customers’ ranked as most valued and most dissatisfied. Items that are most valued and most dissatisfied are where we should concentrate our time fixing. On the contrary, items that our customers don’t value but are satisfied with we should stop spending time on. Items that our customers don’t value and are unsatisfied with we don’t need to spend time either. And items that they value and are satisfied with, we should still ensure that they stayed satisfied. Another aspect of this is what our customers’ value and are satisfied with change – either by our own doing or other factors – so we need to measure this on a regular basis. Also different customers value different things – so we want to find the most value items across the most important customers.

Desired to Implement

Desire/Implement – charts what is most desired (see previous chart) against the ease implementation (determined by Development). In most cases, we want to concentrate our efforts on items that are most desired and easiest to implement first for the quick wins and the biggest return on our investment. Next, we may want to tackles those items that are highly desired but a bigger effort to implement or are moderately desired but easy to implement. If an item has low desirability and is hard to implement then we can wait to meet that request until it becomes more desirable or easier to implement. This, too, is something that you need to measure on a regular basis because what customers desire changes over time.