Open-Source Compassion Network, A Guide to Practical Compassion from Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

From Leo Babauta Zen Habits blog post, A Guide to Practical Compassion, shares that: “To practice compassionate actions, you start with yourself. A lot of people see suffering in the world and feel bad about it, but they don’t know how to take action. The best way to take action is to take action with … Read more

25 Best Practices to Employee Engagement

The Temkin Group recently published The Five I’s of Employee Engagement. As recent research has shown us the direct correlation between employee engagement, customer loyalty and profitability, this report spells out the 25 best practices based on interviews with companies that lead in this area. Here are the results: Inform 1. Follow a thorough communication … Read more

Using Games to Improve Performance and Result

Sue Baechler, Learning Product Strategist, Game Designer and Founder and CEO of Originaliti Media Inc., shares that games and game-based approaches are transforming the way people work and learn. Michael P Carter, Ph.D., Principal, Twin Learning LL, has found that when people learn through gamming they “enter a simulated environment that prompts them to make … Read more