25 Best Practices to Employee Engagement

The Temkin Group recently published The Five I’s of Employee Engagement. As recent research has shown us the direct correlation between employee engagement, customer loyalty and profitability, this report spells out the 25 best practices based on interviews with companies that lead in this area. Here are the results:

1. Follow a thorough communication plan
2. Communicate across multiples channels
3. Make content employee-centric
4. Create opportunities for employees to hear from customers
5. Define, communicate, and live by a set of values
6. Increase accessibility to senior executives
7. Tell compelling stories
8. Give employees a reason to be proud of the company
9. Launch company-wide CX training programs
10. Embed CX training in new employee on-boarding
11. Develop training for managers and supervisors
12. Use managers and front-line employees to deliver training programs
13. Reinforce training with coaching and feedback
14. Tap into e-learning for distributed employees
15. Develop a Voice of the Employee (VoE) program
16. Establish a CX Ambassador program
17. Develop employee-driven improvement
18. Facilitate cross-role, cross-functional employee connections
19. Invite employees to thank customers
20. Find simple, informal opportunities to involve employees
21. Enable peer-to-peer recognition
22. Provide on-the-spot rewards
23. Formalize CX incentive program
24. Celebrate high-performing teams
25. Turn employee engagement into a management metric