Doing Good is Great for Your Brand

Altruistic behavior is common throughout the animal kingdom, particularly in species with complex social structures. For example, vampire bats regularly regurgitate blood and donate it to other members of their group who have failed to feed that night, ensuring they do not starve. In numerous bird species, a breeding pair receives help in raising its … Read more

Authenticity, Your Brand Promise and Experience

I was having coffee with my good friend, Mark Tomaszewicz, Chief Experience Officer at Bulldog Drummond. Mark was sharing with me this idea that at the intersection of brand promise and brand experience is authenticity. Mark recently wrote a blog about it. What I like about this Venn diagram Mark shared in his blog is how … Read more

Experience Design, Lean and Agile

In today’s experience economy, successful companies don’t stand out because of their efficient production or their better engineering. It is their dedication to understanding their customers and their strong commitment to solving customers’ problems and servicing their needs. Experience Design focuses on the customer problems and needs. Applying human-centered design helps companies become more agile and flexible in their … Read more

Innovation is a Dance Between Discovery and Problem Solving

You may start with a problem or a discovery. You may discover a problem or, in solving a problem, make a discovery. It is rarely, if ever, a linear process of one then the other. There are innovation frameworks, methods and techniques. They help… but innovation is a messy process that includes going to unfamiliar … Read more