Customer-Centric Transformation for Your Organization

Being Customer-Centric is no longer a “nice to have.” If you don’t start solving your customers’ future problems now – before they become their current problems – someone else will and you will become irrelevant.

An organization doesn’t become customer-centric overnight. It is a cultural change that takes clear focus and commitment. To develop, determine and deliver a great customer experience, you must have a clear, concise strategy that everyone in your company understands; that you consistently measure, monitor, and improve; and create loyal, engaged employees that are your biggest advocate.

There are four levels that you need to transform your organization:

The C Level: Learn how companies like Apple, Amazon and Starbucks get customer-centricity into the DNA of their companies. Learn the three keys to building a customer-centric company and how you are the key to your company’s success.

Senior Leadership: Needs to know how to run a customer-centric operation. How to set customer-centric goals; be customer-centric sponsors; ensure the brand value is understood by customers and employees.

Middle Management: Learn how to align  their departments with the organization’s customer-centric goals. Learn what customer-centric mean to their department, their people and their operation. Learn how what they do affects their organization’s customer-centric metrics.

Producers: Learn how to measure the customer engagement progress and ROI. Learn how to develop personas, customer journey maps, and service blueprints. Learn how to identify and measure “moments of truth” and execute action plans.

This does not have to be a difficult journey. With clear objectives and commitment, your organization can be transformed into a more profitable – and happier – place.