Sean was the one of the best rated [presenters] at the event… He took the time to understand the audience, talk with attendees throughout the event, sit in on other sessions and was able to present some unique material and thoughts that resonated with everyone and flowed perfectly with the other sessions. He went above and beyond in all aspects of a presenter. His expertise and ideas in the CX/UX area are innovative and well thought out and his passion for these topics shown throughout our conversations. Can’t wait to work with him again!

Sean is an international speaker, moderator and facilitator. He speaks on a variety of topics that includes Design Thinking, Innovation, Technology, Customer Experience, and Experience Design Strategy.

Sean customized his engagement to meet your event needs. He is an exceptional writer and researcher and will develop unique topics to meet your themes with the latest research.

Popular topics include:

User Experience Design in Agile Development

Our modern world runs on increasingly complex and sophisticated software systems that requires comprehensive design and development best practices to deliver an effective, efficient and delightful user experience. Agile is a software development methodology that, when integrating the User Experience (UX) design process, create loyal customers and sustainable, long-term revenue.

Innovation and Design Thinking

Innovation is powered by a thorough understanding of what people want and need in their lives. Design thinking is a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity. In these sessions, we will discuss: What is Innovation really; The principles of Design Thinking; and how to use creative and open-ended practices with measured, analytical methods to realize business goals, attract new customers and retain and grow current customers for greater revenue

Omni Channel Experience Design: Craft a Uniform Experience across Channels

Based on the latest research, Sean will share how the savviest of companies are crafting their channel experiences. This session will cover how to: Design an integrated approach to manage cross channel experiences; Ensure an experience design that is consistent with your brand objectives and strategic product vision; and Manage the experience at all touch points across all channels. This session will cover: What is Agile Development; What are UX design best practices; How do you do UX design with Agile development

Emotional Connection

Based on his book, The Customer Experience Revolution, Sean will share how companies like Coke, Mini Cooper, Intuit and more develop deep emotional connections that create loyal advocates. This session will cover: How emotions determine what we purchase; The different stages of the customer’s emotional journey; and How you can develop deep emotional connections with your customers to create loyal advocates

Ask, Watch, and Listen: How to Determine, Develop and Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Based on his book, The Customer Experience Revolution, Sean will share insights from companies like Apple, Amazon, Intuit, and more create great experiences for their customers. This session will cover how these companies: “Follow their customers home” to observe them using their solutions in their environment; Do it early in the solution lifecycle when it’s cheap and easy for the biggest return; Delighting your customers is not a destination – but a continual process

Commit to the Customers

Based on his book, The Customer Experience Revolution, Sean will share insights from companies like Apple, Amazon, Intuit, and more create great customer experience cultures. This session will cover how these companies: Sacrifice short-term gains for long-term value;  Focus on the customer; and Continuous innovation

Designing Technology for People

Sometimes the best way to satisfy your customers’ needs is to ignore their suggestions. Suggestions may lead to incremental improvement instead of real innovative market solutions. Too many companies include requested features that do not really solve the bigger market problems. Sean will share how to focus on activities your customers’ perform rather than their requests and your solution will innovate and win your market. You will learn: How to understand what customers really want rather than what they are asking for; The Who, What, Why and How with Roles, Goals, Scenarios and Activities; and How to develop prototypes to elicit customer feedback to validate the solutions activities