Sean is dedicated to the advancement of design thinking, innovation and customer engagement. He provides advice to organizations on their design strategy, goals, and direction to deliver innovative solutions with best-in-class experiences to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy that creates sustainable long-term revenue.

Experience Design Advisor

Sean works with your program team to define, design and develop and deliver the interactive experiences for your event, space, guests and other participants.

“Sean is a strategic design leader who communicates effectively with both executive level personnel and front line designers. He was able to quickly assess the situation we were facing and started driving results immediately. His combination of design knowledge, strategic leadership, and soft skills allowed him to infuse value into our organization”
– Steve Mourton, Vice President, Product Management at Sony Network Entertainment

Design Strategy and Execution

Sean helps you develop the experience design strategy as part of the organizations overall strategy; develop and integrate design best practices collaborating with Marketing, Product Management and Engineering; develop the design vision, mission and objectives; and develop the department’s charter and goals.

“I worked with him [Sean] in a number of business scenarios, rocky organizational changes, and assorted pressure-cooker moments. Sean was an excellent leader and mentor. He showed a great balance between delegating and offering support, between evangelizing and focusing on production, and had a better grasp of project management than most project managers.”
– David Garrett, Oracle

Design Leadership

Sean works with leadership team to optimize the design organization; define/improve the design process; define roles/responsibilities; and recruit/hire new talent.

“Sean is one of the best design directors I’ve ever had and witnessed in action. He’s a subject matter UX/CX strategic genius who is very much on top of schedule and logistics and, most importantly, inspires quality and excellence… His leadership was universally appreciated by the team and he truly helped us grow and excel as designers. Sean has irreplaceable talent and charisma.”
– John Angelo, Google