Plan for Radical Transformation in new Customer Experiences!

Daniel Burrus, shares with us in his post, The new Golden Rule in business is this: Give your customers the ability to do what they can’t currently do but would want to if they only knew it was possible, that…

“To survive and thrive, look into your customers’ visible future… See what problems they are going to have and solve them before they happen.”

If you don’t start solving your customers’ future problems now – before they become their current problems – someone else will and you will become irrelevant. Barrus states that there are three critical truths:

  1. Transformation will happen.
  2. If it can be done, it will be done.
  3. If you don’t do it, someone else will.

Barrus goes on and warns us…

“Remember the 1990’s when everyone was touting the phrase “think outside the box”? It’s a neat image, evoking creativity and unconventional thinking as a way to arrive at ingenious new paths and solutions. But here’s the problem with thinking outside the box: we all know that no matter how creative we get during the weekend seminar, come Monday morning we’re going to have to crawl back into the box again and deal with our current reality. The problem isn’t that we need new ways to simply step outside the box—we need to completely transform the box itself.”

Transform the box!