Customer Conversion from First Time Customer to Advocate

We all want advocates. But advocates just don’t happen – you have to earn them. There needs to more then just consistency and trust for advocacy. To convert your loyal customers to raving fans you must consistently deliver a great experience – better than everyone else…

First Time Customers

Someone may try your product and/or service because it was recommended to them or because of the price or convenience. They may not try it for the same reasons. To attract customers, you must have a product and/or service that customers recommend or be more convenient or better priced then your competition. If you have advocates raving about your brand then convenient and price may not be a factor.

Repeat Customers

Customers will try your product and/or service again because it met their needs. Recommendation is no longer a factor but they may not try you again if there is “bad press” if they hear anything bad about your brand from the news or a friend or acquaintance.

Convenience and/or price may also be a factor for a repeat customer but if there is someone else that gets a stronger recommendation or is more convenient or has a better price then you may loose this opportunity. You do not want to compete on convenience and/or price…

Loyal Customers

When your customers will not switch brands, they are loyal. They will buy more from you and may even pay more. Convenience and price may no longer be an issue and even “bad press” may not drive them away. This only happens when you are consistently delivering a good experience that creates trusts with your customer.


When your customers are recommending your brand, they are advocates. Your customers are selling your products and services for you. To earn advocates, you must not only provide a consistently good experience but a consistently great experience. Your experience must be superior to everyone in your market and evoke your customers to rave.

Advocates will go out of their way for your brand and pay premium prices. You are not competing on convenience or price but experience. And your only competition is a brand that can deliver a better experience.