The Holistic Experience between Brands, Products and Services

“Apple has been held up as the definitive example of how to integrate a brand and its products and services to create an extraordinary company. The stock market, the ultimate arbiter of American business success, now places more value on a design-driven company…”  – Reuben Steiger, Great Brands Are About Fusing Product And Service. How Do You Do It?

Rueben points out that “We are happy to visit Disneyland or pay real money for virtual goods because they amuse and delight us.” We are living in the Experience Economy and people are spending their money – and time (which is far more valuable then money) – on those organizations that deliver the best experiences.

A brand is tied to a person’s personal reflection. We are attracted to products and services that we feel reflect our values. The brand – and the promise of the brand – is what we are attracted to. Does your organization deliver their brand’s promises in their products and services?