Companies are increasing their Focus on Customer Experience

“Companies are increasing their focus on customer experience (CX) as they discover its link to loyalty and overall business results. This growing discipline around CX management is creating different stages of evolution. We’ve passed through the initial phases of CX Intrigue and CX Exuberance and have entered into the era of CX Professionalism. As firms build more CX capabilities, they evolve through six stages of CX maturity: Ignore, Explore, Mobilize, Operationalize, Align, and Embed. Over the next few years, companies will need to adopt a new set of CX skills that include journey-centric alignment, mobile-infused experiences, and predictive personalization.” – Temkin Group Insight Report: The Future of Customer Experience

In the report, they state that “North Americas entered into what we describe as the era of CX Professionalism. With a critical mass of people working on CX initiatives, we see the sharing of best practices which creates standard approaches like voice of the customer programs and customer journey maps. As this era evolves, CX approaches will become more codified and we’ll see more people with CX titles—pushing CX management to become a recognized CX professional discipline.”

This is a good time to look at your company and measure its CX maturity. Where is your company in terms of:

  • Journey-Centric Alignment
  • Mobile-infused Experiences
  • Predictive Personalization

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