Customer Experience and Creating a Voice of the Customer Program

Vovici, provider of enterprise feedback management solutions, has an exclusive whitepaper, Getting Behind the Customer Experience Wheel, where they describe how to create a Customer Journey Map and a “Customer Experience Wheel” as part of creating a Voice of the Customer program.

The whitepaper states, “Research reveals that having a centralized customer experience team and appointing a single executive to be in charge of customer experience helps knock down barriers to success.” In a nutshell, here are the steps Vovici recommends:

  1. Establish an Executive Sponsor
  2. Establish a Customer Experience (CX) leaders to create a CX team, strategy, and process
  3. Establish a “Customer Insight” team of cross-departmental folks where each member understands the basic data interpretation and is committed to improving the customer experience. This team reviews data channels, qualifies its impact and recommends cross-departmental initiatives to the Executive team. The Executive team prioritizes the initiative and approves resources. Then this team is empowered to execute on its plan and monitor progress on all initiatives.
  4. Develop the program:
  • Segment customers into groups
  • – from your best data, define groups by similar behaviors, geography, demographics, and psychographics. Confirm your grouping by surveying a sample of each proposed group. Create personas for each client.

  • Map customer interaction – map the “touch point” of each customer segment. Plot the steps, including customer thoughts. Feelings and reactions. Identify key needs, likes and dislikes of each experience.
  • Create “listen posts” – map the specific points in your customers’ journey to monitor feedback through surveys, social media, recorded support interaction, focus groups, website feedback, etc.
  • Identify “moments of truth” – understand what moments are most important to your customer through surveys, analytical tools, etc.
  • Monitor progress – establish metrics for each touch point and measure progress to prioritize issues.
  1. Monitor the progress of the program. Establish goals for the program aligned with the corporate strategy along with metrics. Measure the progress and fine tune the program as it evolves.

Good luck with establishing a customer experience team and VoC program. Please share your challenges, digressions, victories, and insight!