Beyond SEO: Driving Customer Attraction, Retention, and Top-Line Growth

Businesses frequently want an evaluation of their websites—mostly to know how they compare to the competition. Based on our experience, most businesses are disappointed with their website’s ability to convert visitors to loyal customers. In fact, many people say they aren’t really sure what their website does for them.

To assess and enhance website effectiveness, it’s interesting to consider how they got to the point they are in the first place. Most websites are developed by outside web developers or creative professionals. Some developed internally— typically with little or no prospect or “demand side” information. Many use the website-in-a-box approach, reassign an existing Intranet, or copy their approach (if not their content) from a competitor in order to speed uptime. Two critical components are usually missing at this juncture: connecting with the markets that are served and providing a great user experience for website visitors.

Too few companies leverage the view of their strengths and weaknesses, distinctive capabilities, or demand-side (user) requirements when developing their websites. When this happens, both content and technology—such as streaming video and webcasts—are often disconnected from the needs of the business and the site visitors.

This blog series is based on the article Beyond SEO: Driving Customer Attraction, Retention, and Top-Line Growth