Beyond SEO: Four Steps to Optimize Website Business Performance and Customer Experience

In recent years, many executives frustrated with their websites have been told that investing in search engine optimization (SEO) should be their next step in making the most of their website’s performance. While some business owners and leaders have noticed improvements, most are still not sure that this effort truly optimizes the website for their business. What they are sure of is that SEO can be very expensive. At this stage, it is common to hear CEOs and business owners ask, “We have spent all this money on SEO, is there anything beyond spending even more money on SEO to maximize the contribution of our website?” The answer is “Yes!”

Four steps to optimize website business performance and the user experience

There are four critical steps businesses should take to make their websites more compelling to their target audience:

  • Understand the market first. Find out what prospects value—before you put up content and push it out to the market.
  • Specify the business purpose of the website. Know the market problem your site will solve and which parts of the business you want to accelerate.
  • Develop the user experience strategy and design. Map the market and business needs to the solution’s design; ensure consistent brand and messaging throughout the design.
  • Measure the design against the objectives. Validate that customers’ needs are met and tasks are easy to do; test with people who fit the profile of your target customers.

This blog series is based on the article Beyond SEO: Driving Customer Attraction, Retention, and Top-Line Growth