Corporate User Experience Maturity Model: Part 2 of 4

I have found that user experience management varies from organizations that are just becoming aware to the concepts of user experience to organizations where user experience is one of their core distinctions if not the core distinction. The User Experience Maturity Model is a framework that describes an organizations maturity along this continuum. It defines where your organization is and provides the instructions to reach the next level. The model also provides a benchmark for your organization and relative comparison to other organizations.

In this model, there are five levels defined along the continuum of user experience maturity starting at the initial level of no user experience management to customer focused organization. Organizations progress through a sequence of stages as their user experience management processes evolve and mature. You can match your organization with the following descriptions to see what your next stage is likely to be.

Fig 1: Corporate User Experience Maturity Model

This diagram was designed to help guide in selecting user experience process improvement strategies.

Corporate Maturity Model
Corporate UX Maturity Model