Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Better Defining Customer Problems and Solutions

In today’s experience economy, successful companies don’t stand out because of their efficient production or their better engineering. It is their dedication to understanding their customers and their strong commitment to solving customers’ problems and servicing their needs.

In the article, Why Design Thinking is the Future of Management, Stefan Link shares:

“Design Thinking helps teams to emphasize on the customer problems and needs while Lean Startup helps with its build-measure-learn loop to identify the best-fit solution for the identified problems. Be aware that none of these methods are sufficient alone and only reveal their full potential in combination.”

Applying human-centered design helps companies become more agile and flexible in their product development, reduces waste in developing the wrong products and avoid investing money and resources into solutions that do not meet their customers’ needs.

Human-centered design reveal the full potential of every organization – especially their employees. It helps align teams towards customer values that create successful products and services.

Neither Design Thinking or Lean Startup nor agile or user experience (UX) are new for companies. But to be successful, companies need to combine all of these practices. Efficiency in this new approach, will be measured in how well teams have a common understanding of their customers and to target their work more precise towards the desired outcome.