After almost six years, I am moving on from FICO.

There were many things that attracted me to FICO (Fair Isaac Company). The analytic software solutions for the world, delivered via desktop, SaaS, cloud, mobile – almost every platform you could imagine and for all major markets – government, military, finance, healthcare, retail, etc.

It was fun to develop the experience design strategy for a company like this. I was able to integrate the experience design best practices across the business units and, most of all, find and work with talented folks to define, design, and develop the interactive experiences.

Running a global team has it own set of challenges. How do you manage the design process with people distributed around the world?  This can be especially challenging when working with talent with different cultural backgrounds, government policies and regulations.

As much as I enjoyed my experiences at FICO, there comes a time and need for change. I learned a lot about working at a global company and I learned a lot about myself in the process.

I start my new chapter tomorrow with new challenges. Stay tuned…