Considering New Technologies in Designing the Mobile Experience

A phenomenal amount of innovation is happening at the forefront of mobile engagement. From wrist bands to smart pills, we are seeing the use of mobile technologies to collect new kinds of data, crunch it in the cloud, and then employ a mix of engagement tactics on mobile devices creating new interactions — new “mobile moments.”

Sensors are now in our socks, watches, and bandages collecting all sorts of data. This new data provides insights to the consumer – and about the consumer. Connecting mobile to cloud-based computing resources delivers these insights to make better decisions. Analytics is the key to improve both the performance of these technologies and consumer solutions.

The persistent presence of the mobile devices allows for a mobile moment with a message – the “trigger” – to engage consumers with feedback like coaching, gamification, or insights at any time.

Organizations and their Experience Designers thinking about the experience that they provide their customer need to embrace these new mobile cloud-based engagements – creating their own unique mobile moments.