From Customer to User Experience

When our experience design team is creating solutions – and that is exactly what great experience designs do – we ask ourselves three questions:

  • What market problem are we solving?
  • What customer pain are we relieving?
  • What user goal are we achieving?

It all starts with the marketplace. What is going on in the market that you are looking at? What does this market need to be successful and advance itself? What is the problem that is in need of the solution that you are going to provide? Step back and get to know your market in context of all markets then look inside the market and across it. In many cases the solution that you will bring to this market already exist – maybe in a different form – in another market.

Markets are made up of customers. Understand your customers in context of the market. As part of your solution, what is the customer pain that you are relieving? You need to know your target audience – you need to define them and differentiate them from the other customer profile in this marketplace. Break down your understanding of your target customers’ business goals and workflows to diagnose the pain that your prescription will relieve.

Customers are made up of end-users. I hate the term “user” by the way – these are people who have objectives and goals that they need met. Get a deep understanding of the activities that these people are doing, break down the tasks and design efficient, effective and delightful experiences for them.