Customer Experience is Critical to the Long Term Success of Business Today

“Creating an exceptional customer experience is critical to the long term success of business today. The Customer Experience Revolution contains a treasure trove of vignettes highlighting companies that really understand what it takes to improve customer relationships via a stellar experience. Gems and nuggets abound for the savvy business that wants to focus on their customers.”

—Becky Carroll, Author of The Hidden Power of Your Customers and President and Founder, Petra Consulting Group

The experiences you create for your customers can either draw them towards your products and services or away from it. An exceptional customer experience builds relationships that give your brand a long-term value. A consistently great customer experience establishes a unique trust with your audience.

Smart companies are building relationships with their customers to create long-term value. They are developing endur­ing connections to secure their brand and trust. In The Customer Experience Revolution, Gary Tucker, Senior Vice President at J.D. Power and Associates, says that in terms of brand and developing trust, “customer experience, by definition, is a sustainable advantage.”