Companies that delight their customers outperform their peers

According to Larry Tesler, “Companies that delight their customers outperform their peers.” We should listen to Larry because he knows what he is talking about. Larry was one of the researchers at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated) back in the 70’s. PARC, if you didn’t know, has been responsible for such well known and important developments as laser printing, Ethernet, the modern personal computer, graphical user interface (GUI), object-oriented programming, ubiquitous computing, amorphous silicon (a-Si) applications, and advancing very-large-scale-integration (VLSI) for semiconductors – just to name a few. And if that is not impressive enough, Larry spent the 80’s and 90’s at Apple – most notable as “Vice President and Chief Scientist” – you got ask yourself, “What do you have to do for Steve Jobs to make you his VP and Chief Scientist?”

Larry was also the VP of Shopping Experience at Amazon in the early part of this century and later the VP User Experience & Design and Research Fellow at Yahoo! So Larry really knows this Customer Experience thing…

What does Larry recommend for people to understand how to delight customers and out perform peers? Larry says that The Customer Experience Revolution is the “guidebook tells us why and how they do it in industries as diverse as retailing, smartphones, food service and driver education. I highly recommended it to anyone building a customer-focused business or refocusing an existing business on the experience of the customer.”

Thanks Larry!