The Hidden Power of Your Customers

Becky Carroll’s book, The Hidden Power of Your Customers, is not another “customer service” book.

Becky reminds us that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” – that businesses should not let the allure of new customers keep them from fully realizing the power of existing customers and clients. Current customers – more then ever before – have the power to decide to continue to do business with you; how much money to spend with you; and the power to share with others what they think about you.

Through practical tips and real-world case studies, The Hidden Power of Your Customers offers four key strategies for retaining and achieving growth from existing customers:

  • Relevant Marketing, which requires that you listen to your customers, and then deliver the messages they want to hear through their preferred channels
  • Orchestrated Customer Experience, where you craft the right experience for your customers
  • Customer-focused Culture, in which you maintain strong company values, hire the right employees to make a difference
  • Killer Customer Service, which create positive experiences that are virally shared

If you didn’t know, Becky has this great blog – Customers Rock! – that you should follow… and read the book, too. 😉