Reviewing your designs 101

I was recently asked what was the best way to review your designs. Regardless if it is stake holders, subject matter experts, buyers or end-users, the process is pretty much the same. This is high-level. I hope you find it helpful:

1. Start by describing the top of the design and move to the bottom from left to right so the ‘reviewers’ understand the overall information architecture and *context* of the content
2. Move slowly through the design to give your audience time to absorb everything
3. Pause *often* for folks to ask questions and make comments
4. Listen carefully to the feedback

  • Ask questions to clarify the *reason* for the need (why is more important then what)
  • Summarize to validate understanding and agreement
  • Take good notes

5. Be gracious of the time that reviewers give
6. Follow-up with sharing meeting minutes that include your detailed notes, action items, and date