Beyond SEO: Understand the Market

The way the website communicates what the company does for the prospect or customer is more important than what your company actually does. Do not put up content and then push it out. Find out what the prospects really value about your products or services and how they want it described. Call these your “Do Fors.” Then apply the Do Fors directly to the development of the site along with the rest of the content reflecting what prospects value.

This type of user intelligence is critical in transitioning the website from an accessory to a true business asset. This information may be acquired through a number of methods such as collecting existing demographic or psychographic (lifestyle) information, purchasing reports about the market and competition, close examination of internal sales or customer data, or surveying people that match the target website users.

If the solution is business-to-business, the same approach can be applied by taking into account the requirements, processes and success measures of the businesses being served.

This blog series is based on the article Beyond SEO: Driving Customer Attraction, Retention, and Top-Line Growth