Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a strategy that focuses organizations around the needs of their customers. Moving customers from satisfied to loyal to advocate. As brands become increasingly commoditized, companies look to CEM to maintain their competitive advantage. CEM solutions integrate external and internal customer interactions to create a unified, consistent, end-to-end customer experiences. By … Read more

Customer Experience

A customer’s perception of an organization is formed from their interaction across multiple-channels. Customer experience is the sum of all experiences a customer has with these many “touch points” – advertisements, website, marketing media, sales call, customer visits, package design, instructional material, products, services, support, billing, etc. A great customer experiences creates loyalty, grow sales … Read more

Why I Network

Several years ago I had the best job! I loved the company. I loved the folks I worked with. I loved what I was doing. I was planning on spending the rest of my career at this place. Then, for business reasons, this company decided to move it’s headquarter to another city. I was invited … Read more