Customer Journey Lessons Learned from Salesforce’s ExactTarget

In ExactTarget’s Customer Journey Lessons Learned: Your Guide to Building Lasting Relationships they share: Customers aren’t willing to give their loyalty to brands that don’t understand their tastes and preferences or personalize messages specifically to them. Don’t let data pass you by. Each time a customer interacts with your brand, it’s an opportunity to collect … Read more

Customer-Centric Transformation for Your Organization

Being Customer-Centric is no longer a “nice to have.” If you don’t start solving your customers’ future problems now – before they become their current problems – someone else will and you will become irrelevant. An organization doesn’t become customer-centric overnight. It is a cultural change that takes clear focus and commitment. To develop, determine … Read more

Omni-Channels Never Sleeps

Gone are the days of 24 or 48 hour response times. Customers expect instant interactions, whether it is a relevant offer or an answer to a customer service query, and the ability for same-day delivery of items purchased through various channels. Companies like Amazon understand this and have established distribution centers near major metropolises just … Read more

2013 Temkin Group Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study

Temkin Group just published the Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2013 report. This study of 10,000 U.S. consumers benchmarks Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) for 269 companies across 19 industries. Here are some highlights from the report: USAA earned the highest NPS scores on the list for three of its business—66 for insurance and credit cards and 65 for banking. Other … Read more

The Four Elements of a Usable Cross-Channel Experience

According to Janelle Estes, we should design for the experience, not the channel. Users engage with organizations across many channels – the web, email, mobile devices, kiosks, online chat, storefronts or service centers, and more. “Users expect companies to provide a usable experience across all channels. Although you may think of various channels within your … Read more

The Omni-Channel Retail Shopping Experience

According to the Retail Info System News’ Omnichannel Rediness October 8, 2013 report, the retailers that deliver the best omni-channel experience – like Apple, Nordstrom and Macy – “enable a seamless shopping experience across channels by integrating services, technologies and processes.” The report goes on to share: Survey respondents say they’re missing out on 6.5% … Read more

The Customer Experience Revolution on The Takeaway with John Hockenberry

  With the announcement on July 29 that retailer Amazon would be adding 7,000 jobs nationwide, Jeofrey Bean appeared on The Takeaway with John Hockenberry to address the question: How has Amazon’s customer service policies contributed to its global success? WNYC is one of the largest news radio stations in the US with over 1 million listeners … Read more

..and we iterate, again and again and again

Art, music, writing or product design all follow the same creative process. If you are designing visual experiences, listening experiences, reading experience or technology experiences, the process is the same. In Glenn Reid blog, What it’s Really Like Working with Steve Jobs, he explains that: “Iteration. It’s the key to design, really. Just keep improving … Read more