User Experience encompasses all aspects of Your Customers interaction with Your Brand

User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. It is an approach that puts the user at the center of the design process and incorporates user concerns and advocacy from the beginning. User experience includes everything that the user can experience – the visual appearance, interactive … Read more

Recent Study shows that when UX Works Closely with Product Teams, Organizations have Superior Results

There is more research that shows organizations that involve user experience professionals early and often in the product lifecycle have superior results. According to The Study of Product Performance Teams 2015: “The importance of user experience to an organization’s products grows each year… Our 2015 data reveals that when user experience professionals are actively involved … Read more

ProductCamp SoCal Saturday, October 24, 2015 at EventPlex in Anaheim

ProductCamp SoCal is a free, user-driven, collaborative unconference for product managers, marketers and designers in Southern California. It is a one-day gathering of product professionals to share, present, network, learn, explore and discuss the latest trends and industry best practices. At ProductCamp So Cal you will: Discover best practices from many industries on state-of-the-art ways … Read more

Intervention Design and Iterative Prototyping

You all know my evangelism for iterative prototyping… Well, you can imagine my joy when I saw this month’s Harvard Business Review dedicated to “The Evolution of Design Thinking” and a great article by Tim Brown and Rodger Martin on “How to use design thinking to make great things actually happen.” According to the article, … Read more

The GE–McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix

Large organizations with multiple business units need a way to determine where to invest across all the units. The GE–McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix is a method for deciding how to share capital across multiple units by assessing each unit’s market position and profitability. This model looks at two factors: Market attractiveness and Business strength: Market Attractiveness is … Read more

How Many People Are On Your Core Product Team?

For the last four years, Actuation Consulting, has been conducting market research on what makes  product teams successful. I had the privilege of helping with the most recent study and they found that: Companies with less than $50 M in annualized revenues have between one to nine core team members. (42% of organizations have between … Read more

Sales, Service and Product Attract, Retain and Grow Customers with Personas and Journey Maps

Sales job is to find and acquire new customers. Services job is to retain and grow the current clients. Product needs to support both theses objectives. The product needs to provide features that new customers are looking for and features that retain and grow the current client base. In most cases, features that retain and … Read more