Neri Oxman’s Krebs Cycle of Creativity

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Inspired by the Krebs Cycle for citric acid, Architect, Designer and Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, Neri Oxman created the Krebs Cycle of Creativity.

Neri Oxman’s Krebs Cycle of Creativity

Ms. Oxman explains that we usually think of Art is for expression, Science is for exploration, Engineering is for invention and Design is for communication. In the Krebs Cycle of Creativity, she asked us to think of Science converts information into knowledge; Engineering converts knowledge into utility; Design converts utility into cultural behavior and context; and Art takes that context and questions our perception of the world.

The Cinderella Moment is where Art meets Science – and changes in our perceptions affect the way capture data.

Neri Oxman: Bio-Architecture. Abstract. Netflix. 2019