Easy to Use 2.0 Audiobook

You can now listen to the Easy to Use 2.0 audiobook!

Here are few things that folks have been saying about Easy to Use 2.0:

“It’s refreshing to see the thoughtfulness and design expertise Sean Van Tyne brings to the enterprise software space. It is a technology category that’s ripe for design-led disruption, and this book will help you get there. From agile software development to UX maturity models, Easy to Use 2.0 is packed full of useful and actionable information. Better yet, there’s something in here for everyone; there are business insights for the design leader and design insights for the business leader.”

–Garron Engstrom, Product Design at Facebook

Easy to Use is an easy to read book that provides practical advice on topics that matter to UX teams – from maturity of UX organizations, integrating UX into agile, and organizing UX teams for success. I encourage UX leaders to tap into Sean’s wealth of experience.”

–Janaki Kumar, Head of Design and Co-Innovation Center, SAP Labs

“Enterprise UX is screaming for this book! It helps product teams orient themselves to where they are in the UX continuum, how to effectively plan while still syncing with Agile’s short iterations and, most importantly, what we do is more about people than technology. Anyone serious about improving enterprise UX will find this cradle to grave manual indispensable!”

–David Garrett, Principal UX Designer, Oracle

You can get your copy of Easy to Use 2.0 on Amazon (of course).