A Focus on User Experience Increased Conversions by 350%



Skinit was ranked #25 by Forbes in 2011 as a Most Promising Company. They make personalized adhesive logos and other artwork for consumers to stick onto cell phones, laptops, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets with distribution partners that include Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft and works with sports teams and entertainment firms like Disney to sell branded designs. Currently they are a multi-million dollar company. In 2007, a focus on user experience changed everything for this company.

Skinit was founded in 2005 and by 2007 the company was preparing to enhance their web-based application that allows consumers to upload their own photos and manipulate designs for their personal electronic devices. The objective was to enhance the features of the new solution and provide an intuitive interface to increased conversion. To do this, they followed user experience best practice and saw a 350% conversion with the new design! Paul Buss, the CEO at this time said

“Increasing the conversion of our Customizer application not only increased revenue it also enabled us to provide a more compelling customer experience which has driven significant interest in new and existing partner programs.”

It was “interest in new and existing partner programs” that made Skinit the giant it is today.

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