Small Companies can Deliver Great Experiences just like Apple


Did you get a chance to catch me on Real Talk San Diego1700 AM Friday, December 3 from 11 to 12? If not or if you want to hear it again, you can download the podcast here:

It was a fun and lively discussion. We discussed how User Experience encompasses all aspects of your customers’ interaction with your brand and how small companies can do this, too.

Apple and Amazon started as small companies – a few people in a garage. Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, focused on delivering great experience from day one. They instilled this in their companies DNA and you can see it the results.

Small companies can do the same. Make a commitment to your customers’ and users’ experience: Have it as a part of your business strategy; Make sure every employee knows what your company’s brand means and are empowered to deliver it; and measure it – constantly – so you can pivot quickly – fail fast and succeed even faster.

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