The Next Generation of Customer Experience Leaders

“This is the best business book in years! Bean and Van Tyne do a brilliant job of analyzing what winners do to create a world-class customer experience. They spell out the winning steps so you can implement them in your business. If you want to increase sales and customer satisfaction and, at the same time, cut your costs, follow the advice in this book.”

— Joely Gardner, Ph.D., Instructor, California State University Fullerton

Jeof and I are thrilled that California State University Fullerton, the #5 business school in the US, have selected our book for their business program. We were guest lecturers, along with Gary Tucker, Senior Vice President of Global Services and Emerging Industries at J.D. Power and Associates last week and it was a thrill to interact with the next generation of experience design leaders.

The students asked us great questions about the book and Jeof, Gary and I got to provide them feedback on their projects. The students were smart and savvy and I am confident that they will determine, develop and deliver great experiences!