Customer Experience Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy Questions

When measuring your customer experience, there are three questions that you may ask your customer that will give you insight into their satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

The standard “How satisfied are you with…” is always good way to measure basic satisfaction. When compared to “How much do you value…” – you gain tremendous insight. If we know that they are satisfied with, but do not value, a particular task or feature of your service or product than you should stop dedicating time and resources to it. In contrast, if there is a task or feature that they value and are unsatisfied with then you should address it.

To measure advocacy, there is the always the Net Promoter question, “How likely are you to recommend us.” The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an industry standard to provide you insight into your “promoters” – your advocates. For companies that have a mature customer experience program, this is the score that they pay the most attention to.

Knowing all these scores will help you focus your energy on the right task or feature of your customer experience to increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.