Measure the Design

Validate that customers’ needs are met and tasks are easy to do. Putting your solution in context for your customers and users, is a key to validating that the solution meets their needs and is easy to use. You need to work with people who fit the profile of your target customers and conduct design … Read more

Beyond SEO: Develop the User Experience

The user experience encompasses all aspects of a visitor’s interaction with the company’s services, products, and website. It is critical to the company’s success to provide excellent prospect and customer experiences. This objective puts the user at the center of the design process—incorporating user concerns and advocacy from the beginning—and dictates that the needs of … Read more

Beyond SEO: Develop Your Website Business Mission

Develop a specific mission for your website—before investing the technical and creative talent, time, and money in the build. Here are some examples of actual website business missions: Reduce time-to-market and time-to-revenue Generate qualified leads Expand product and service reach while reducing our costs Target a previously unreachable customer Allow partners to more easily do … Read more

Beyond SEO: Specify the Business Purpose

When you know the problem your site helps you solve, the content better addresses the needs of prospects and customers in the market. This “two-way connection” is based on developing a solid view of the website users— new prospects, clients, suppliers, etc., including: • Who they are • What they need • What they want … Read more