Corporate UX Maturity

Corporate UX Maturity: A Model for Organizations
User Experience Magazine: Volume 9, Issue 1, 2010

Organizations and their products and services have a user experience regardless if the organization is consciously managing it or not! A good user experience delights customers and creates a steady revenue stream while a poor user experience detracts customers and can be the demise of an organization. Savvy organizations invest in developing their user experience strategy and process and make them central to their overall organizations’ objectives. This article, shares the secret of developing a mature user experience for your organizations.

The User Experience Maturity Model is a framework that describes an organizations maturity along a continuum. It defines where an organization is and provides the instructions to reach the next level. The model also provides a benchmark for your organization and relative comparison to other organizations.

In this article you will learn about the five levels defined along the continuum of user experience maturity starting at the initial level of no user experience management to customer focused organization. Organizations progress through a sequence of stages as their user experience management processes evolve and mature. You can match your organization with the following descriptions to see what your next stage is likely to be.

This article is based on a white paper that I presented at HCII 2009 which is based on a workshop that I did for Managing Innovation Conference 2007.