Customer Goals, Motivation, Pain Points and Your Requirements

Your customers have things they want to get done. They have goals and objectives. They have motivations and pain points. Your solution should help your customers meet their goals and achieve their objectives. Your solution should match their motives and be the suave to their paint points.

Customers’ Goals and Objectives

Customers’ goals and objectives are usually around solving a problem they have. Customers have needs and wants. They want to easily find what they need. Is it the right size, does it have the features that I want, how does it compare to others? Your solution’s  requirements must meet your customers’ goals and objectives. Your solution must help your customer easily find what they need and want.

Understand your customers. Walk in their shoes. Design your solution to meet their needs.

Customers Motivations and Pain Points

Customers have motivations and pain points. Your customer may be motivated by function or design or they be motivated by social status or by the fear of missing out (FOMO). Their paint points could be having trouble finding the right size or the features that they are looking for… or at the price they want – or available when they need it. Your solution must meet their motivation and elevate their fear – and this needs to be in your requirements.

Not only meet your customer expectation – but exceed it. Provide an experience that instils trust. An experience that delights or even enchants.

Your Requirements

Your requirements must include all the things your solution must do to be viable to your business, technically feasible to achieve and desirable to your customers. If it is not desirable to your customer then there is no business viability, and it doesn’t matter if its technically feasible.

Ensure you understand your customer so you can develop requirements that exceeds your customers expectation – creating lifelong customer and sustainable long-term growth for your company.