Customer Insights from Idea to Solution with Integrated Systems

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are great for capturing, measuring, and, ultimately, improving your customer experience. But how do you take those great customer insights and get them from idea to solution?

Ideas to improve or enhance an organization’s products and services can come from many sources. Sometimes it’s the people within the organizations that have ideas on how to improve their process or tools. Many times, improvement suggestions come from customers that use your products and services.

Customer suggestions may come through Service, Training, Support, Sales or any other group that may interact with your customers.

There are customer service and support software along with customer relationship management (CRM) systems that organizations use to capture their customer’s suggestions. Customer Service, Support or Training representatives may enter customer suggestions into their systems and/or Sales associates may enter product or service enhancements in their CRM system.

These customer service, support and relationship systems can be integrated with a planning management system and/or project management system so that their customer’s suggested improvements or “enhancements” can be prioritized for a future release of their product or service.

How SiteKick Integrates Their Systems to Thread the VoC from Idea to Action

SiteKick utilizes leading-edge technology to reduce the time and effort spent on construction site management and reporting. SiteKick provides a solution which makes life easier for everyone from general contractors, to building owners, to back office, to site superintendents.

When SiteKick Sales folks hear an idea for new innovations or other ideas to help their customers, they add it to their CRM (Salesforce). Their CRM is integrated with their product management and roadmap application (Aha!) along with their planning management system (Jira). This enables various teams to leverage their solution of choice.

New “ideas” from Salesforce may be marked as a duplicate or added to other similar ideas in Aha!. Planning managers can follow up with customers about their suggestions or create an online portal to get feedback from a pool of selected customers to refine the ideas, score them and prioritize it for a future release. Ideas – now features on the roadmap – are added to upcoming projects in Jira where the people working on the projects can breakdown the work, develop, test and release the new feature.

By integrating systems from Service, Support and Sales through planning and project management, you can thread the VoC from insight to action ensuring an effortless way to consistently and constantly innovate with the resources closest to the customer and solution. When you integrating the Voice of the Customer across systems, the team can easily understand how things tie together. Teams can see they are part of the connected innovation process – and that helps improve the overall experience for the organization and their customers.