Customer Experience Around The World: 25 New Examples

Customer experience is a global principle. Although it might look different in each location, the concept is always the same: customers want to be valued and should be central to a brand. These 25 companies around the world each demonstrate a quality customer experience in their own way to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.


One of New Zealand’s largest grocery store chains, Countdown, relies on customer feedback to constantly update the overall experience. It recently introduced “quiet hour,” which came from a customer suggestion. For one hour each week, stores across the country dim their lights, lower the music and stop stocking shelves to create a better environment for customers with sensory issues.


The Swedish telecommunications company has repeatedly been recognized for having the most satisfied customers in the country, in part because of its personalized service. Customers can access personal advisors or personal technicians to walk them through any issue or question they may have. Instead of having to wait on hold forever, customers quickly get care from someone who knows their needs and preferences.

Peninsula Hotel

The Japanese hotel exemplifies the idea of “omotenashi,” or anticipating someone’s needs. Employees are trained to pay close attention to guests and find ways to make their lives easier. If an employee sees a guest coming back from a run, they call ahead to make sure the guest is greeted with a towel and a bottle of water. Customizing the experience for each guest’s needs creates a truly unique experience.

Philippine Savings Bank

The Philippines bank has been recognized for its digital customer experience because of its desire to keep things easy, simple and reliable. The bank recently rolled out a new website that is streamlined to meet customers’ needs without any unnecessary commands. The improved functionality and privacy protection make it possible for tech-savvy customers to conveniently bank and get account information no matter where they are. 


New Zealand and Australia insurance company AMI prides itself on personal service for every customer. Employees are encouraged to truly listen to customers and act as advisors during the decision-making process. Instead of sales targets, employees are encouraged to build relationships and are recognized and rewarded for going above and beyond to help customers. 

Lotte Department Store

Korean department store Lotte takes smart shopping to the next level. Customers scan items with a handheld scanner and then make their payments at terminals throughout the store. The scanned items are then delivered straight to their homes. Lotte also uses an interactive shopping information desk that provides personalized service and answers questions.

Home Hardware

Each franchise of the customer-focused Canadian hardware store Home Hardware is encouraged to make their location unique and become part of the community. The store offers locally made products, knowledgeable staff and a cause that gives back to the community with neighborhood gardens and fundraisers for non-profit organizations. The personal feel has turned Home Hardware into one of Canada’s most trusted companies.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Indian insurance company understands the frustration that comes from customers not having instant access to their insurance information, so it built a customer portal that easily gives customers up-to-date information on their claims and allows them to change their policy or access account information whenever and wherever they want.


South Korea’s largest e-commerce site aims to create stress-free end-to-end customer solutions. One hallmark of its experience is that customers can simply place items they wish to return inside their front door and have them picked up and refunded within a few hours without having to print a shipping label or package the items. The brand combines innovative technology solutions with personalized service.


One of the largest fashion retailers in Brazil, Passarela unites the physical and e-commerce spaces to reduce inventory and lower prices. Customers can order items online to pick up in store or order in store or online to have items delivered to their homes. Physical stores offer perks like digital terminals with access to all 30,000 products. Employees carry tablets to help customers shop and send them follow-up information through chatbots.


The airline has one of the top customer experiences in Russia because it regularly goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. Aeroflot offers numerous in-flight cuisine options, free oversized luggage transportation and gifts for children. Customers can find personalized solutions to their travel problems from employees who are happy to help.

Bay Audiology

As the largest hearing services provider in New Zealand, Bay Audiology knows the responsibility and joy that comes with helping people experience better hearing. Employees use the newest technology to provide personalized, cutting-edge solutions. Employees also receive regular training to stay at the top of their field. Their passion is passed on to customers, who feel valued and respected.


Ranked the best customer experience in Denmark, insurance company Topdanmark showcases empathy in its online and offline channels. The company uses updated digital platforms for seamless communication between employees and customers and offers both self-service and personalized human ways to contact the brand for specialized advice and support.

Vasa Museum

Sweden’s most popular museum is known for its amazing attention to detail to create a high-quality guest experience. The museum studied all aspects of the customer journey, from first discovering the museum to buying a ticket and traveling through the museum, and mapped out the best route for a great experience. Employees are trained to quickly identify each type of guest and then personalize the experience to meet their needs.


Every product and service at the Eastern European bank is designed with customers in mind. The bank looks for innovative technology solutions to provide personalized services. One example is that its bank cards can be used as public transportation tickets in nearly 70 cities across Europe. Putting customers first and offering personalized, convenient service gives Sberbank top satisfied customers.  


The Asian online marketplace puts customers at the center of everything it does and considers satisfaction and loyalty to be more important than metrics like downloads or site visits. A strong omni-channel experience makes it possible for customers to contact the company through a chatbot, email or phone and have a consistently great experience with employees who care. 

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines aims to surprise and delight its customers at every step of the travel journey—before, during and after their flights. Touches like serving fresh Turkish coffee in the air with accomplished chefs and updating the airport arrival lounges set the flying experience apart from many other airlines.


One of the UK’s top shopping destinations, Centre:MK continually updates its offerings and customer experience to stay ahead of trends. It offers a variety of entertainment and experience options and recently updated its guest services area. Centre:MK also listens to customer feedback to add stores and features that customers want. 


The Swedish grocery store uses data to drive a successful customer loyalty program. Information about demographics and frequent purchases is shared with the company, which then tailors offers and the in-store experience for each customer. The result is customers getting discounts on items they already buy and the store gaining valuable insights on its customers.

ATB Financial

One of the largest banks in Alberta, Canada, ATB Financial is regularly recognized for its customer-centric culture. The company places a huge emphasis on the employee experience by providing consumer-grade internal technology. That innovative culture extends to customers with digital solutions and a cloud-based contact center that makes resources and agents more accessible to customers.

State Bank of India

Appealing to younger digital native customers, SBI uses a digital banking platform that offers the same services as a retail bank location without having to step foot in a branch. Its numerous fully digital branches add an interactive touch with instant account opening and personalized service that considers a customer’s lifestyle instead of just their finances.


Denmark Customers love MobilePay’s service and overall experience because it provides a simple solution to sending payments. The company is focused on removing stress from its customers by continually updating its program to keep it ahead of changing technology. Customers can reduce their time and effort with the streamlined product and customer support.

Billund Airport

Denmark’s Billund Airport earns top marks from travelers for removing as much stress as possible. By listening to feedback, the airport is able to introduce innovative solutions customers actually want, including a new traffic light system that tells passengers how long it will take to get through security.


The telecommunications company in Oman stays ahead of changing technology to offer its customers the best and fastest service. It also operates an International Network Operations Center that provides real-time updates to customers and tracks the status of the entire network. The center allows Omantel to address issues quickly and give customers the up-to-date information they need.


European utility company E.ON is known for its customer-centric culture. Each executive meets with customers on a regular basis to better understand their journeys and preferences. The company also updated its executive pay structures to include customer experience and NPS as a key metric.   

Everywhere around the world, customers want convenient and personalized solutions. These companies show that brands that put customers first will always succeed.

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