Defining and Developing Your UX Strategy and KPIs

I recently helped a large enterprise software organization define and develop their UX strategic objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We held a two-day offsite.

On day one, in the morning, we discussed how they did Agile and UX. Agile was a big part of their operation. We also talked about how they did UX design. We discussed what was working well and opportunities to do some things better. Prior to the offsite, I interviewed key stakeholders and strategic partners and got their perspective on what the UX department was doing well and opportunities for improvement.

In the afternoon, we broke into value streams. Though the overall UX department’s strengths and opportunities were the same, there were variation in each value stream because of differences in the markets, business objectives and technology. Each value stream created a list of their objectives based on the day’s conversation of strengths and opportunities taking into consideration their unique needs.

On day two, I did my standard talk on UX Balanced Scorecard where we discussed scorecards in general, UX scorecards in particular and I presented a mock UX strategic scorecard specific to one of their value stream from data that I had so they could see how to create a scorecard for themselves.

In the afternoon, we divided up into value streams again and each group took their objectives from the previous day and created their scorecard adding measures, metrics and initiatives. A little tip… If it is your first time measuring an objective then your first initiative may be to create a benchmark.

If you are a smaller organization, you can probably do this in a day – going over your strengths and opportunities in the morning and creating your scorecards in the afternoon.

I am also happy to help your organization define and develop their strategies and KPIs.