UX Boot Camp Workshop Workbooks

UXB_PMOne of the best parts of the UX Boot Camps are the workshops – and the workbooks. There are several workshops throughout the day at a boot camp. The workshops are hands-on activities where we get to practice what we have just learned and apply it to our organization – all captured in the workbook.

For each workshop there is a section in the workbook that goes over the “big idea.” It includes an overview of the topic with diagrams and examples – and an area for us to fill-out how it applies to to our organization. This is really handy! When the boot camp is all over we have the workbook full of all our ideas that we can take back to our organization and apply immediately.

You can order more workbooks, too, if you want to work-out other scenarios or share them with your colleagues.

We hope to see you at the next UX Boot Camp for Product Managers in Tustin, California, Saturday, May 14 sponsored by OC Product Managers You can register here.

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