Build a Design Thinking Culture that Creates World-Class Innovations

In order to be a top brand, companies need to build a Design Thinking culture that supports world-class innovation.

Many organizations are focused on operational efficiency that does not have room for the design-thinking’s explorative and iterative process where mistakes must be made for innovation to occur.

According to a recent article in HBR, How Samsung Became a Design Powerhouse, these are some things that can help your organization to build a Design Thinking culture that creates world-class innovations:

Build in-house competency: create an in-house design team that understands the design thinking process and how to apply it to your organization’s business

Empathizing with the whole organization: have an executive sponsor that activity educates and evangelizes  the design thinking business measure for success to the whole organization

Visualizing the future by re-framing the problem: design thinking gives helps your company to re-think your market problems and solutions in new ways and provided the visualization to explain it to the whole organization

Experimenting in the marketplace: iterate ideas and test them all along the way until you find the solution that best meets your customers’ needs… Maybe a need they didn’t even know they had

Create a sustainable and flexible design organization: for this to work for the long-term, you need to invest in your design group – hire and retain the best designers by creating an environment that is challenging and fun.