The Tablet is now the Preferred Device for Reading and Writing Emails

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A new research study finds that majority of iPad owners say it is their preferred device for reading and writing email. The survey was conducted online in the second half of 2012 among 4,400 adults aged 18 plus, of which 66 percent were women.

The study found that the most preferred device for reading emails is the Tablet (55%) followed by the PC/Mac (32%) and Mobile Phone (10%) and that the most preferred device for writing emails is the Tablet (48%) followed by the PC/Mac (41%) and Mobile Phone (9%).

I was on a flight and I noticed the businesswoman next to me was scanning through some items on her “mobile phone” (not that we use this mobile device primarily as a phone anymore). Then put that away and got out her tablet and did some more work. Then put that away and got her laptop and did some more work.

Well, I had to ask – “excuse me, but I noticed that you used all three devices. How long have you had your tablet and what was your expectation?” She explained to me that she had the tablet for a while and thought it would eliminate the use of one of the other devices – but it didn’t – they all had their own niches that they were best for working.

I then asked her if another device was introduced (this was before the mini tablets had come out – but I think most of us were guessing), would she use it and what was her expectation. She explained that she would probably use this new device with the expectation of eliminating the need for one of the others.

Because of Moore’s Law we see an expedition adoption of new technologies that modern societies interact. This, along with social media, is rapidly changing how people communicate, work, and play.

As you are developing (or updating) your customer experience strategy this year, please consider how your customers – and potential customers – will be interacting with your messages, people, processes, products or services with mobile devices.